Tastebuds Delight

Open Fires, Breakfast Rides & Covered Wagons

Gourmet food & mountain views are two of the best things Colorado dude ranches have to offer. In Grand County, you will get plenty of both and often together. Highlights include covered wagon rides & horseback rides to scenic cookouts and open hearth barbecues.

Cookouts By Ranch

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner


Your on vacation and cooking should be the last thing on your mind. Our cowboys are seasoned around the fire and look forward to serving you.

Cookout Adventures
Bar Lazy J
Breakfast Ride
3 Dinner Cookouts
C Lazy U
Scenic Breakfast Cookout
Drowsy Water
Scenic Breakfast Cookouts
Chuckwagon Lunches
Open Hearth BBQs
Breakfast Ride
Lunch Cookout
Covered Wagon Dinner